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Introducing AimVox,

AimVox locates decision-makers & leverages intent-data signals to ensure connections to the most likely of buyers? 

 AimVox is the ultimate growth engine for driving new profitable clients with Multi-Channel Marketing, enhancing decision-maker connections + leveraging sales orchestration to maximize conversions & closings at the highest of levels.


Powerful Sales Development & Growth Acceleration. 

Contact. Connect. Convert. Close.

Struggling to locate ideal decision-makers and leverage intent signals effectively? Introducing AimVox, the ultimate growth engine for driving new and profitable customers at scale with perfect multi-channel marketing and enhanced decision-maker orchestration.

Are you facing challenges in reaching the right decision-makers at the right time. through the most effective channels? AimVox has you covered. Our platform MAKES SALES FUN and utilizes advanced InteliData signals to pinpoint ideal decision-makers while ensuring your clients/prospects are touched on the right channels precisely when they're most receptive. With AimVox, you can kickstart your journey to success with a 90-120-day trial, giving you ample time to experience the full power of our platform. Getting started is easy and hassle-free, even for those without advanced computer skills. Plus, you have the flexibility to cancel anytime, providing you with peace of mind and the freedom to explore without commitment.

Whether you're a startup, or a large enterprise, AimVox caters to businesses of all sizes and types. Our proven strategies empower you to market, sell, and deliver solutions with unmatched precision and efficiency. Don't let customer acquisition challenges hinder your business growth. Join today and unlock the potential for sustainable growth and profitability through targeted, data-driven marketing and sales generation. AVX-InteliData suite provides powerful insight into C-Level and the full Executive suite, with direct dials, emails 5X ing connections rations. We also provide incredible Tech & HR (Deperatment leader data alonf with specialty day like whos showing buying signals via search or the install universe of some of the biggest software and hardware companies and includes install bases from companies using software like SharePoint, SugarCRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, NetSuite CRM, Symantec Back Up, Commvault, and Veeam, just to name a few.


The AimVox360 approach was purpose-built to give results-driven professionals an automated sales acceleration solution, offering multi-channel digital prospecting combined with hyper-targeted decision-maker data. This powerful combination yields ideal sales contribution at scale while providing sales with insight and intelligence into lead behavior and interest. An easy-to-use, collaborative prospecting platform enables marketing and sales teams to streamline their lead to money process and generate more deals, for more money, in record time.


With AimVox you can:

             Automate marketing: Manage outbound activities: manual calls, setting appointments, sending email and text messages, and leaving targeted ring-less voicemails in bulk (up to 250 per hour).

             Generate leads on-demand: Optimize your sales prospecting to capture prospects at the right time with          intelligent messaging cadences, chat & live sales call functionality, and lead interaction monitoring tools that increase conversions.

             Create more opportunities: Unlock additional sales using lead intelligence and grow your sales pipeline faster.                                                          

AimVox works with you and is the only all-in-one sales prospecting acceleration solution that grows with you. And best of all? Our transparent and predictable pricing model means sales and marketing can start growing revenues without any surprises.

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Accelerate Lead Generation


AimVox research proves prospecting using a multi-touch approach (Voice-Text-Email) increases lead conversions by 5x

How we do it:

CONTACT highly qualified & tailor made decision-maker data leads

CONNECT using multi-channel prospecting where today's buyer demands


CONVERT high-priority leads with enticing messaging content & cadences

CLOSE engaged leads & appointments with relevant prospect conversations


Optimize Sales Prospecting


Sales organizations leveraging an optimal contact strategy increase conversion by 128%. 

How we do it:


GUIDE sales & demand activity with powerful, real-time prospect analytics.

AUTOMATE routine activities: manual outbound calls, setting appointments, sending email and text messages, and leaving voicemails.

SCALE communications & prospect connections with AimVox Team-Dial & AimVox 360's multi-channel prospecting campaigns reaching ready-buyers at scale.

DISTRIBUTE leads to those most likely to convert & close them.


AimVox sales acceleration solutions are highly proactive & customized: identifying and creating sales opportunities at scale by utilizing an automated, multi-touch approach via Voice, Text, & Email thus eliminating manual cold outreach, moving past gatekeepers, avoiding phone trees, and many other road blocks to sales prospecting. Experience the power of combining hyper-targeted prospect data with multi-channel lead engagement, to reach ten times the prospects in a fraction of the time. Super charge lead engagement, sales pipeline creation, and crush sales quota by contacting relevant prospects with the ideal messaging based on buyer intelligence reaching them on the medium today's buyer demand. 


With expertise in sales & lead generation for 30+ years, our founders understand traditional, stand-alone, manual cold-calling, or outbound marketing with stale data fails, and inbound marketing is expensive, challenging, and time-consuming. AimVox solutions super-charge outbound sales efforts with smart team dialing methodologies, along with AimVox360 our multi-channel digital prospecting platform allowing our clients to reach ideal prospects via Voice, Text, & Email @ scale that provides your business with the same robust experience AimVox brings each day to our clients. AimVox eliminates complexities between sales and marketing to drive sales acceleration, lead engagement, pipeline creation & overall prospecting success. AimVox provides the best all-in-one sales acceleration & lead engagement solution available.


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The problem with prospecting is the lack of speed, accuracy, & connection rates. The AimVox 360 solution provides ideal prospects using multi-touch outreach via (voice-text-email) @ scale. Learn & Earn More


We guarantee qualified sales prospects that meet your specific target market criteria and 95% accuracy on all Decision-Maker Data.


According to CSO Insights, the average Sales Rep makes 39 dials daily. Our Clients average 240 dials an hour using AimVox Team-Dialing & 2,279 prospect connects daily using AimVox 360.



Clearly define & locate decision-maker contact data & prospect insights.



Connect ten times faster with ideal decision-maker leads using AimVox360 



Initiate a stream of relevant warm prospect conversations.



  Close more deals with 10X  conversion rates to ideal decision-maker leads.

Ready to see AimVox in action?

Let's Start Closing More Deals!


Contact us by phone, chat, or email to learn about how we can grow your revenue.

Toll-Free: 888.345.2869

No risk, no obligation, no credit card required.

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