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ABOUT US                                                                             


Our Founders, with a combined experience of 30 plus years in the sales prospecting sector and have built the perfect systems, process, and sales engagement & prospecting acceleration solutions to put our clients in the driver seat and keep them closing deals vs making dials.


We are a privately held company that employs sales prospecting teams and dialing agents world wide. Our sales prospecting solutions and dialing agents have called throughout North America, UK, Western Europe, & APAC, with a focus on Hi-Tech, Telecom, Complex-Sale & Business to Business companies.

  • We support clients with complex business solutions; communicating with sophisticated buyers and buying teams, making contact at the appropriate levels of target organizations, and reaching key decision makers.

  • We allocate dedicated sales prospecting and dialing professionals to work as an extension of each client's sales organization; arming them with the database resources, contact strategies, and communication tools to reach targeted prospects for our clients resulting in qualified sales leads and/or instant live transfers so you can focus on closing more deals vs pounding the phone and navigating phone trees.

  • We transition qualified conversations with your desired and targeted decision makers to direct representatives or channel partners at the moment the desired prospect says hello, and help to ensure prompt transfer with zero delay.

Over the years, we have worked with market leaders and emerging players, enabling them to launch new products, penetrate new markets, and maximize efficiency of their inside sales organizations.

  • We have decades of success in delivering sales engagement and prospecting acceleration solutions

  • We offer flat rate pricing with a pay for performance guarantee

  • We constantly evaluate, develop and introduce new processes & technologies to the business benefit of our clients

  • All of our services and solutions are driven by your business and sales needs

  • We contractually guarantee the quality and quantity of sales connections & conversations generated

  • We focus entirely on prospecting acceleration to Hi-Tech, B2B, & Complex-Sale industries, so are not distracted by peripheral activities or other agendas


But don’t take our word for it. Call today for references!

To find out more about our sales solutions please contact our Sales Department by emailing

Join Our Team - AimVox offers a unique opportunity for those who seek to work outside of the traditional corporate environment. We understand that our success is 100% dependent on the quality of our people. To that end, we are always seeking top-line, talent. 

If you are a "top of the line" Sales professional who fits our model, and you have 3 or more years of business-to-business sales experience . . . please contact our HR department!

Contact HR to apply:

Our People - As specialists in b2b sales environments our experienced Sales Prospecting Agents and executives participate in project teams that find the perfect sales opportunities. This teamwork results in a clear understanding of your requirements and our ability to respond to your needs. In effect, we become your inside sales and prospecting secret weapon. 

Our process to solve your needs is simple: We listen. We understand. We implement.

  • Listen - To be successful, we need to know about your culture, your short- and long-term goals.

  • Understand - Having a thorough knowledge of your target market and desired decision maker contacts.

  • Implement - Assigning the best technologies while leveraging sales rep/s with the best background is key.

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