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Ongoing communication between AimVox and supported teams builds familiarity and trust, improves sales effectiveness, and clarifies goals and program strategy. Detailed reporting, regular conference calls, and sales call reviews are the main tools we use to ensure consistent quality and effective handling of call transfers. Feedback is key. We get it from industry contacts, and we welcome it from you—through AimVox Client Center—via personal dialogues, program status updates, online review forms and streaming audio presentations. We communicate and consult every step of the way, through each phase of your program.


We keep you updated on our progress in a timely fashion, supplying the information, comments, analyses and reports you need to keep track of goals, results and recommendations for improvements. The results: informed decisions, adaptable to change and responsive to needs—backed by accountability, solution expertise, and a wealth of real-time, real-world data. Because our goals are really the same: to increase your sales in the present, while establishing resources and relationships that will be available when you need them tomorrow.


Weekly Conference Call Reports


AimVox will schedule weekly calls with our customer to review prior week’s activities including:

  • Weekly Call Statistics

  • Database Development Updates

  • New Contacts Added

  • Questions/Challenges

  • Message/Market Intelligence

  • Prospect Reply & Transfer Review


Our Client Success teams add value in areas during prospecting campaigns. Here are some examples of value add:

  • Detailed project implementation plans

  • Improving digital prospecting & telesales activity and productivity

  • Refinement of outbound prospecting strategies

  • Refinement of campaign strategies

  • Campaign intelligence reports

  • Strategy review sessions

  • Suggest refinements to positioning and messaging content

  • Campaign toolkit development and improvement

  • Ongoing training schedule management

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