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SOLUTIONS OVERVIEW                                                          


AimVox sales acceleration solutions are highly proactive & customized: identifying and creating sales opportunities at scale by utilizing an automated, multi-touch approach via Voice, Text, & Email thus eliminating manual cold outreach, moving past gatekeepers, avoiding phone trees, and many other road blocks to sales prospecting. Experience the power of combining hyper-targeted prospect data with multi-channel lead engagement, to reach ten times the prospects in a fraction of the time. Super charge lead engagement, sales pipeline creation, and crush sales quota by contacting relevant prospects with the ideal messaging based on buyer intelligence reaching them on the medium today's buyer demand.

AimVox360 - AimVox360 provides Sales Leads On-Demand @ Scale! Our platform was designed for the purpose of sales prospecting acceleration on multiple channels (Email-Text-Voice), while providing highly targeted sales leads with ideal decision makers within our clients specific target market. AimVox360 can be used to handle any outbound lead generation campaign. While generating leads using the AimVox360 platform clients generate prospects @ scale using messaging cadences and timing to ensure more engaged prospects are reached resulting in more qualified hand-raisers vs. stale leads and tire-kickers.


Put the power of AimVox to work for you today. We can quickly assemble a team of sales prospecting agents (SPA's) to leverage and experience the overwhelming power our outbound sales campaigns bring. Contact Us Today

Decision-Maker Data - Effective sales prospecting and outbound marketing efforts are only as good as the data used. By utilizing our expert lead service, you can rest assured that you have the most current up-to-date prospect information available. We provide targeted decision-makers with multiple touch options (phone-email-address-social links etc.) that enhance data with relevant insights that allow you to leverage the power of big data.  This allows your company to work more efficiently and profitably by assuring that your database contains the most current customer & new prospect information available.

Digital Prospecting Acceleration - Not getting enough qualified and engaged sales appointments? We are prospecting and outbound sales experts. We generate qualified leads & appointments with ideal prospects that ensure your sales reps stay busy writing proposals…not spending their time pounding the phones or sending slow & tedious online messages. Our digital prospecting services reach decision-makers at the executive-levels and we are experts at opening the door so you can close the sale.


Team Dialing -​ AimVox Team Dialing eliminates manual dialing and phone trees by combining the modern prospecting technologies, along with the human element to reach 10 times the prospects in a fraction of the time. Crush your sales quota by reaching in one hour the amount of decision makers that would normally take weeks. AimVox Team Dialing accelerates the sales cycle & lead generation process for both B2B & complex sale organizations through a consistent stream of live phone connections with decision-making prospects. Our unmatched blend of fast compound dialing and routing technology, efficient outbound digital prospecting services, and highly-scalable community of live dialing agents delivers in one hour what would normally take days with an auto-dialer and weeks with manual dialing.

Lead Generation - Qualified Sales Oppurtinities (QSO) - Many companies are spending millions of dollars each year generating new sales leads in the form of inquiries from their Websites and other venues. Unfortunately, many sales inquiries are lost because they either aren’t followed up on in a timely manner, or the process is overwhelmed by the sheer volume of incoming leads. We help organize and streamline this process by efficiently and effectively identifying accounts and prospects you desire to meet with. Why waste your sales team’s valuable time separating tire-kickers from hot leads? Keep them selling!

All of the above were specifically crafted to provide the perfect suite of next-level prospecting services. Using the most modern sales methodologies along with a multi-channel digital prospecting approach that meets the buyer/prospect along the channel they choose to engage. With today's buyer, simply one outbound method is not tenable beyond 2020. These methodologies were created to reach and truly impact prospects across multiple touch points at scale using: phone, email, text, voice, social, contact page submissions & other effective lead & demand generation methods.

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