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DECISION-MAKER DATA                                                                   


AimVox can help you fine tune your database and keep it up to date to enable better return on marketing or sales investments made to those accounts. Companies can loose millions of dollars when they do not have accurate information on the accounts that they currently work for or have tried to penetrate. AimVox takes the time to accurately scrub and profile prospects. Database enhancement includes many layers of information gathering:


  • Names and addresses of specific contacts

  • Charting their parent-subsidiary locations

  • Levels of decision makers

  • Capturing technical information about their internal technical environment

  • Removing out of date information

  • Updating contact information

  • Identifying current vendor relationships

  • Probing for new business opportunities with current clients


AimVox is leading the way with decision-maker data that works to deliver the most up-to-date information to our clients. Our data and outbound prospecting solutions are used by hundreds of companies every day to drive transactions and drive more sales revenue at lightning speed. We give our clients the information, tools and insights they need to win business, lead in the toughest markets and increase ROI. AimVox utilizes its custom human-verified databases as our primary source for both B2B and B2C data. AimVox is simply proven to be  the most innovative company in the field of gathering and analyzing buyer information for sales teams worldwide. Our databases are the largest of its kind, the most accurate decision-maker data and is and ideal source to create custom lists for sales and marketing campaigns.

Solutions for organizations of any size:

  • Fortune 500 & 1000 Clients

  • Small & Midsize Companies

  • Government

  • Non-Profit

Our Data Services:

  • Business Data

  • Consumer Data

  • Custom Data

  • Email Data

  • Direct-Dial Data

  • Data Enhancement

  • Data Marketing (AimVox360)

AimVox has access to thousands of Specialty and Custom lead lists. We utilize a team of Market Researchers making thousands of calls per day and harnessing the power of our marketing solutions searching the internet to provide custom data that you simply cant find anywhere else. We offer many options for you to choose from, including both business and consumer specialty databases.

The following are some of our most popular Specialty & Custom Business Leads:​

  • Social Suite Data

  • Sales Leaders

  • Marketing Leaders

  • Technology Leaders

  • Executive Suite Data

  • Business Owners

  • Franchise Owners

  • Medical Professionals

  • Licensed Professionals

  • Manufacturing Companies

  • Minority Owned Businesses

  • Women Owned Businesses

  • New Businesses

  • Home Based Businesses

  • Technology User/Install Base Data

The following are some of our most popular Consumer Specialty Leads:

  • Social Networking

  • Real Estate

  • MLM

  • Healthcare

  • Mortgage

  • Insurance

  • New Movers

  • New Homeowners

  • Real Estate

  • Absentee Homeowners

  • Swimming Pool Owners

  • Households with Newborns or Expectant Parents

  • Households with Income Range Demographics

  • Consumer Education Level

  • Political Data

  • Boat Owners

  • Pet Owners

  • Auto Insurance Renewal

  • Multi-Generational Households

  • Automotive Masterfile

  • Charitable Donors & Contributors

DATABASE DESIGN - Customers receive assistance with database development in order to maximize efficiency of outbound lead management and maintenance of data quality. AimVox’s team will also make sizable additions and edits to any existing customer prospect database throughout the course of the campaign. Our customer will own a clean, targeted database provided by AimVox. AimVox can deliver custom databases based on annual sales, # of employees, or regional breakdowns, and currently has existing B2B databases in these vertical markets:

  • Telecommunications

  • Business Services

  • Finance

  • Insurance

  • Technology

  • Energy

  • Hotels

  • Oil and Gas Operations

  • Biotechnology

  • Travel

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Government

  • High Tech Manufacturing

  • Retail

  • Airlines

  • Apparel


AimVox has contacts for these types of individuals:


  • CXO

  • SVP

  • VP

  • Director/Manager


AimVox has contacts in the following functions:​

  • IT

  • eCommerce/eBusiness

  • MIS

  • Human Resources

  • Marketing

  • Sales

  • Procurement

  • Finance

  • Operations

  • C-Level Executives

  • Business Owners


AimVox provides direct contact details:

  • Email Addresses

  • Contact Address

  • Contact Phone/Ext.

  • Mobile Phone/Direct Dial

  • Social Media/Technology Usage


AimVox has many options to choose from, providing both a monthly subscription model for real-time database enhancement & validation, along with ready-made lead lists available for a one time purchase

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