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AIMVOX - TEAMDIAL                                                                


Aimvox is a leading provider of on-demand, sales engagement & prospecting enablement. Our solution allows sales professionals the benefit of generating dials into their specific target market in a much shorter time. AimVox makes an average of 10X more "live" qualified sales conversations per sales session compared to manual dialing or even other smart dialing technology. A salesperson spending 90% of a day prospecting and 10% selling now has the freedom to focus 100% of their time selling. CEO’s achieve ROI from their salespeople and less turn-over.

  • Win New Business

  • Capture More Live Conversations

  • Improve Sales Leads

  • Boost Sales Profits

  • Reduce Dialing Time up to 150%

  • Increase Lead Generation ROI

  • Gain Control of Your Prospecting

AimVox streamlines your prospecting, leads, & customer follow-ups by increasing conversation ratios. More dials and connections to your critical prospects to make it simple to crush sales quotas. We help sell, implement,& manage your prospecting efficiently to increase sales output & profits.


Solution Spotlight: 

  • 100% Targeted Prospects - Sales & Marketing is the lifeblood of any business. Without a steady stream of qualified leads,  company sales will flat-line. AimVox makes prospecting fun and exciting by targeting key decision-makers and allowing you to sell more with instant connections & conversations with your desired prospects.

  • Easy Process - Easily customize your cold calling strategy by using our solution to call into existing prospects or new industries you would like to penetrate. Schedule a sales calling session, and our highly scalable team of dialing agents begin making 200-250 dials per hour; you receive the live prospect transfer.

  • Fast Setup -  Our solution is on-demand: no software to implement; live sales sessions may begin within 24 hours of client orientation process completion.

  • Save Time with AimVox - Allow your salespeople to spend less time hunting for leads. Tracked and analyzed details by our team ensure we utilize the most accurate, targeted data, giving you the highest conversation rates possible.


Do you need our solution?

When it comes to cold calling or prospecting, do you feel like you’re floundering in a rough sea?

Do you grab hold of a marketing technique that seems solid only to be disappointed?

Have you attempted to improve sales by jumping from one marketing technique to another and receive no ROI?

Yes to all of the above?

Our unique solution could eliminate all of these standard results from traditional marketing efforts and may reduce your overall cost per prospect/client.  


That price may further decrease with our more extensive programs. Visit our solution pages to learn more.

Let AimVox help:

  • Reaching hard to find executives.

  • Generating more qualified sales conversations.

  • Scaling your sales engagement & prospecting efforts

  • Growing your business.

​Our solution has streamlined the dialing and digital prospecting process, allowing your firm and sales pros to connect with qualified decision-makers & targeted prospects tenfold. The days of prospecting all day to make 50-150+ dials to reach a handful of qualified decision-makers are over. With AimVox be more productive in a one-hour sales session that could normally take weeks via manual dialing or days with power dialers.


Creating an account can be done within 24 hours! The setup process includes sourcing data and a campaign success meeting to discuss your decision-maker or buyer. This information is shared to ensure each connection yields a sales lead, follow-up meeting, or at minimum valuable market intelligence.

Tell us whom to call

Setting up your contact lists can be as easy as emailing us a file or entering names & numbers on our website. Whether you have 5 or 50,000 contacts, you can easily manage them by sorting, searching, and dragging & dropping them into an unlimited number of subgroups! If you do not have a database, we can provide one at no cost!

Be Ready

Our team of agents begins making up to 20 calls each few seconds creating live conversations immediately. Once connected, we conduct an instant transfer, and the dialing is put on hold until your sales call is complete. Many salespeople are experts in their business and need to pitch the product more often. Be prepared to sell as your connection ratio boosts tenfold.

Be ready to generate more leads, meetings, scheduled follow-ups, and sales with each sales session.

Relax! We'll do all the work

We'll make dials to everyone on your list. If a number is busy or not answered, we will try a few more times. If someone answers we make the transfer. We provide REAL-TIME reports so that you can monitor and track our dials. We work hard, to make it easy for you to keep your group in the loop and focus on selling! Let us concentrate on dialing and getting past the gatekeepers. Together we can prosper one live sales conversation at a time.

Additional features include:

  • Call thousands of numbers & generate hundreds of live prospect conversations in less than ten sales sessions!

  • Simple, straight forward flat-fee pricing per sales session.

  • Upload your current contacts using XLS, CSV, or text file

  • Alternatively, you can use AimVox Data to source or supplement your existing data for more targeted decision marker lead lists

  • While your selling our system is on hold.

  • Real-time reporting

  • No hardware or software to buy

  • Easily schedule call sessions to prospect immediately, in the future, or reoccur.

  • Call-Sell-Prospect anywhere in the US, Canada, South America, UK, Western Europe & APAC

  • Custom databases if you do not have an internal database

  • View the results of every campaign via detailed analytics

  • Our agents do not speak with your prospects, we get past gatekeepers, make dials, and life much easier for the sales rep.

  • Choose the number shown on caller ID

  • Collect feedback using your CRM

  • Create an unlimited number of users for your account and run multiple campaigns


​By filling up your schedule, you will be spending less time on the phone and more time connecting with your ideal prospects. Our AimVox Team Dialing offering is the most conducive approach for companies in the High-Tech and B2B professional services arena.


AimVox can also be used to contact past leads, inquiries, or customers for up-sell programs.

With our solution, your salespeople 10X time more effective with prospecting activities, increasing sales without having to hire more salespeople.​

  • Pay Per Sales-Session

  • No Hidden Charges

  • Guaranteed Quality and Quantity

  • Dedicated Dialing Agents

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Low Risk – High reward

We will be successful together; we understand that a long-term relationship is more beneficial than a one-time project and allows both sides to perfect the process. We put you first and will enable you to mold AimVox into a quantifiable solution that best impacts your sales revenue.

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