AimVox is a leading provider of Sales Prospecting Acceleration Solutions. Keeping up with demand, we aggressively seek talented professionals that will benefit from our encouraging, professional, and personal growth workspace. We offer the opportunity to learn while developing your multiple skill sets — and we offer a competitive compensation plan. Our business environment encourages participation in company and community events — using talents and assisting with new ideas and connections that may apply to all your endeavors. AimVox is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on race, sex, age, national origin, religion, physical or mental disability/handicap, marital status, veteran status, sexual orientation or any other basis prohibited by law.

Please contact Human Resources if you would like to learn more about a career track with AimVox
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AimVox is seeking applicants for Sales Prospecting Agents, Sales Manager, Account Manager.

Sales Prospecting Agents

Sales Prospecting Agents develop new client relationships for AimVox clients and are responsible for representing our sales prospecting acceleration solutions (via text-email-telephone) to decision-makers within organizations that AimVox customers specify as ideal customer targets.


Account Executives manage the entire exploration, and qualification process for new client wins.

Minimum Requirements:

    * Team-oriented with exceptional sales & prospecting skills
    * Strong interpersonal skills
    * Excellent verbal/written communications
    * A focus on professional development
    * Motivation to excel!


    * Broad understanding of enterprise IT and SaaS Solutions or Complex-Sale B2B Solutions
    * Prior inside sales or digital marketing experience
    * College

Sales Manager

Working in conjunction with senior management, client services management, and designated client contacts, a Sales Manager is accountable for day-to-day productivity and support of Sales Prospecting or Team Dialing Agents. Sales Managers track and improve program execution, focusing primarily on Target Audience, Contact Strategy, Meaningful Dialogue, and Lead Management for each supported program. Effectiveness measured by Account Executive productivity, professionalism, satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability of accounts served.

Minimum Requirements:

    *  Ability to provide a challenging, rewarding and motivational team environment, recognizing individual and group achievements, and managing fairly and consistently across a diverse employee base
    * Pro-actively manage low performers, and seek out additional opportunities and rewards for top contributors
    * Ability to prioritize and manage time effectively in a fast-paced, service-oriented setting
    * Ability to establish the framework of common goals and consistent sales processes
    * Ability to communicate in a clear, concise manner, listen attentively to others, and offer meaningful guidance and support to team members
    * Understanding and ability to apply Strategic Lead Generation methodologies to identifying receptive target audiences, conducting extended contact strategies, structuring meaningful dialogues using talk tracks and e-mail templates, cultivating pipelines of long-term opportunities, and aligning lead management processes with the sales organization


    * Broad understanding of enterprise IT or SaaS Solutions
    * Experience selling complex solutions, with a consistent record of achieving goals, retaining accounts, and gaining positive feedback/referrals
    * Demonstrated ability to manage multiple opportunities through an entire sales cycle

Account Manager

Account Managers handle multiple accounts, coordinating activities of cross-functional teams, leading to Service Level Agreements, and ensuring client success and margins are maintained. Other duties are identifying and cultivating growth opportunities within existing account base - must be able to run a sales process, and performing executive-level reviews and presentations.

Minimum Requirements:

    * 5 years prior account management experience in business technology markets with a significant account management focus
    * Ability to prioritize and manage time effectively in a fast-paced, service-oriented setting
    * Ability to establish the framework of common goals and consistent sales processes


    *  Broad understanding of enterprise IT and telecom markets
    *  A consistent record of achieving goals, retaining accounts, and gaining positive feedback/referrals








If you are ready to apply online, please email us at


Join Our Team - AimVox offers a unique opportunity for those who seek to work outside of the traditional corporate environment. We understand that our success is 100% dependent on the quality of our people. To that end, we are always seeking top-line, talent. 

If you are a "top of the line" Sales professional who fits our model, and you have 3 or more years of business-to-business sales experience . . . Please contact our HR department!


We are also seeking a Project Coordinator to work for our Support Department Director in managing our Sales Prospecting Agents (SPA's) and customer requests. Strong history of success is required.

Contact HR to apply:



Our People - Our experienced executives and team dialing agents participate in project teams that generate 40-50 times the average prospecting results from traditional sales prospecting. This teamwork results in a clear understanding of your requirements and our ability to ensure plenty of qualified decision-maker conversations. In effect, we become the secret weapon for your prospecting efforts and to maximize sales results.

Our process to ensure client success is simple: We listen. We understand. We implement.

  • Listen - To be successful, we need to know about your culture, your short- and long-term goals.

  • Understand - Having a thorough knowledge of your solution and what constitutes a qualified decision-maker.

  • Implement - Assigning the best team dialing agents is vital.