INTEGRATED MARKETING                                                       

We understand the real necessity of keeping communication lines open—all lines of communication, at all times, and between all parties involved.

AimVox is an all-in-one platform that modern day sales pros & executives utilize to plan, manage & execute complex, integrated marketing campaigns & digital prospecting across multiple channel & customer touch points, including the web, voice, sms/text, e-mail, along with customized growth hacking methods for maximum impact, ROI, and advertising response @ scale:


  • Coordinate communications to both cold & warm prospects, customers, and channel partners, to project a single, consistent voice to the market.

  • Disseminate test messaging, offers to sample segments, and changes to improve response rates.


  • Make better planning and budgeting decisions by accurately tracking all Sales Engagement, Voice Prospecting, Multi-Channel Digital Prospecting results across the whole business acquisition cycle—from initial response, to qualified lead, to pipeline opportunity, to closed sale. CONTACT. CONNECT. CONVERT. CLOSE.

AimVox provides automated sales acceleration while offering multi-channel prospecting combined with decision-maker data resulting in sales contribution @ scale.

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