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VERTICAL EXPERTISE                                                             

AimVox maintains unique visibility on needs of corporate decision makers, and their willingness to evaluate and implement the featured solutions of our B2B, Hi-Tech, and Sales-Centric clients. These are some of the key trends we are tracking in Healthcare, Government, Finance, Insurance and Manufacturing, among the many verticals we specialize in:


  1. Healthcare and Government remain the bright spots in the IT and specific B2B solutions. The two markets are currently more stable, with steady growth forecasted across the next several years, as compared with other vertical industries, which are more vulnerable to the cycle of the economy. 

  2. Outsourcing, both in IT and business processes, is expected to post continued growth. Every one of the 16 primary vertical markets plan to boost outsourcing spending year to year through 2025. 

  3. Financial firms still spend alot of money on IT. This sector is also ahead of the curve in adopting consumer-facing technology. 

  4. Insurance firms' IT spending is higher than in other industries, with growth expected in areas like server hardware and applications software. 

  5. Manufacturers' IT spending is growing faster than in other sectors, especially in server and storage hardware.

  6. Consumer packaged goods firms expect to increase IT spending over last year, but they're playing catch-up, trailing in completed roll-outs of many technologies.

Our sales acceleration & prospecting solutions are used by a wide variety of industries:

  • Technology

  • Business Solutions (B2B)

  • Financial Solutions

  • Consumer Solutions (B2C)

  • Manufacturing

  • Healthcare

  • Supply Chain & Logistics

  • Education

  • Energy

  • Construction & Engineering

  • Wholesale & Distribution

Contact us today and learn more about how we have helped companies accelerate sales prospecting, resulting in massive sales pipeline creation and sales contribution.

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