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We recruit, place and retain the best people for each customer sales engagement & prospecting acceleration program. Each sales and marketing executive at AimVox has been recruited from today’s top inside sales and sales prospecting teams. Our people are the best because we map their experience directly to our customer’s product offering. Every sales prospecting agent on every project has already worked a similar product set at a competitive company, guaranteed.

AimVox has built sales engagement & acceleration practice groups based on these technology & business segments:

  • ASP

  • Agencies / Media/ Digital

  • Bio-Tech

  • Business Intelligence

  • Call Center/ Contact Management

  • Cloud Computing

  • Collaboration

  • CRM

  • Cyber Security

  • E-Commerce

  • E-Learning

  • Energy

  • E-Procurement

  • ERP

  • E-Security

  • Financial Services/ Solutions

  • Healthcare

  • Network Hardware/ Software

  • Manufacturing

  • Marketing Automation

  • Pharma

  • Portal

  • Project Management

  • Public Relations/ Advertising

  • Sales Engagement & Effectiveness

  • SaaS

  • Security

  • Software Testing/ Monitoring

  • Supply Chain/ Logistics

  • Systems Integration

  • Web Services

  • Wholesalers

  • Wireless/ Telecommunication


Team Member Selection

AimVox has hand selected a group of Sales Managers chosen based on these criteria:

  • Prior experience at publicly traded or established enterprise technology or B2B solution companies

  • Sold similar product set at competitor

  • Received formal inside sales training

  • Accessible for face-to-face meetings with customer Marketing and Sales teams

AimVox360 & Team Dialing Sales Team Benefits:


  • Speak with decision-makers vs gatekeepers & navigating phone trees

  • Ability to scale team up and down based on campaign needs

  • Multiply your best sales people, add sales not head-count

  • Sales prospecting & acceleration though multi-channels via (text-email-voice)

  • Lower costs to customer

  • Dedicated prospecting teams powered by customized technology

  • Focused on results

  • Pay for results

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