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Brand Strategy



While our customers believe that our sales solutions are successful because we have the best teams, we always remind them that the strategy behind the people provides quality and excellence at every turn.

"No demand generation or sales engagement agency has captured this caliber of Sales & Prospecting professionals from multiple enterprise B2B & Hi-Tech organizations who had built, executed and managed outbound prospecting campaigns on the client side.This is the professionalism and trust required to outsource such a vital portion of our business to AimVox."


The details behind the strategy, people, process and technology are critical to the success of both the routine and complex outbound lead generation programs. Understanding and optimizing each of these components on a daily basis is a critical function in the success of every AimVox Team Dialer session & AimVox360 digital prospecting campaign.

AimVox is comprised of hi-caliber teams with customer-centric experience having worked on the other side for most of their careers. Our people have worked at Oracle, IBM, PeopleSoft, BlueCoat, SAP, and Mitel to name just a few. They understand what it takes to make a campaign successful from the client-side as well as from the service-side.


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