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AimVox sales enablement & prospecting solutions are providing the results Chief Executive, Sales, and Marketing Officers seeking a proven methodology for identifying and closing business effectively and timely compared to past or existing marketing and sales programs.

AimVox solutions include multi-channel prospecting via text-email-voice campaigns, team dialing services, sophisticated lead/campaign management, appointment setting, lead generation, live phone connections with decision-makers, and targeted database enhancement with list management services to complement and maximize ROI for our customers prospecting campaigns through the AimVox platform. AimVox solutions are derived from decades of experience planning, executing, and optimizing inside sales and prospecting support programs for the world's leading business technology companies. We have a proven track record with companies ranging from industry giants like Cisco, Microsoft, IBM, Avaya, and Sprint, to emerging players and even leading start-ups.


AimVox founders 30+ years managing demand generation programs for 1500+ B2B, Hi-Tech & Complex-Sale companies formed the idea of AimVox in 2017. By implementation of our Sales Prospecting Acceleration platform, we have successfully simplified the process, allowing companies to scale quickly using multi-channel prospecting with targeted data. Multi-Touch points enable clients to connect with the buyer where they demand at an ideal time. AimVox is proliferating in 2020 and will continue to expand.

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