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COMPANY CULTURE                                                                 


AimVox employees approach their jobs as careers and take pride in their accomplishments. In every role, our dedication shines in our achievements and how we are an integral piece of our clients' sales organizations. AimVox employees are motivated continuously with incentives to advance their skill levels through extensive professional development programs. This environment enables us to deliver higher value to clients while providing employees with competitive compensation packages and career development opportunities that encourage a long-term outlook and an investment in the future.


AimVox has the only formalized peer management model in the industry. Teams of inside sales executives, team dialing, and sales prospecting agents meet daily to discuss program objectives, challenges and solutions, and most solid overall sales and prospecting approach. Team members hold each other to high standards for performance and delivering consistent value to our users.


AimVox ensures that employees have the opportunity to participate in events they chose and are meaningful. We believe encouraging talented people to develop their ideas and diverse interests—in an environment that respects the bottom line without being held under it. Moreover, we focus on being a great business—for our clients and our employees.

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