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DISCOVERY PROCESS                                                           _


AimVox takes the time to learn what makes our clients unique in their marketplace, determine their value proposition, and create a prospecting connection plan presentation to convey messaging, get past gatekeepers and navigate phone trees. This methodology and business practice allows our Team Dialing Agents (TDA’s) to deliver a hi-volume of qualified sales conversations and increase our customers overall sales ROI of 10-18 times per each hour of call time versus manual cold dialing.

AimVox will navigate through gatekeepers, hold music, and phone trees until they reach the desired decision maker. Our sales engagement & prospecting solutions will take your sales to the next level by creating brand awareness, increasing decision-maker conversations, prospect inquiries that will result in a hi-frequency of sales opportunities for every level of the sales funnel.


AimVox's proven sales engagement & prospecting services will give your company a competitive advantage by quickly finding opportunities within your marketplace, building a dependable pipeline, shortening your sales cycles, and consistently growing your company with highly qualified sales opportunities in the industries you want to target.


  • Preliminary Discovery

In the Preliminary phase we uncover your objectives:

Your Target Market, Industry & Identify your Target Market
Your Level of Decision Makers: CEO, CIO, COO, CFO, CTO, VP


  • Database Management

Moving forward with the information collected from the Preliminary Phase we build and Manage your database:
Setting up the database with new contacts or either using your own (or an arrangement of both)
Managing the database in the CRM System (Customer Relationship Management)


  • Modify and Build a Call Plan

AimVox will customize and modify your call plan according to individuals personal specifications and preferences.
Once the call plan is conducted and Client signs off on it, the team dialing campaign is good for launch.


  • Team Dialing Campaign Launch

The dialing campaign is launched and introduced to your target market. The prospecting development process begins by identifying and developing new market segments for current company products and services. Qualified Sales Conversations are generated for potential business opportunities for the client. 



Each AimVox strategy is structured to your specific target market, messaging, process, and sales goals. A pre-launch Client Orientation is conducted with your company to gather the necessary information and solution intelligence necessary to begin utilizing AimVox powered solutions, Multi-Channel Digital Prospecting - AimVox360 allows you to meet buyers where they choose to engage via outbound Text-Email-Voice prospecting campaigns. Scale your inside-sales efforts and phone prospecting by eliminating gatekeepers and connecting with decision-makers 10 times faster with unlimited sales pipeline creation activities using the AimVox Team Dialer. These solutions may be used in conjunction or stand alone. Contact us today to learn more on how AimVox can help maximize your sales & marketing efforts by generating far more qualified sales leads @ scale. 

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