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"AimVox has really helped our sales force. We rely heavily on the AimVox to deliver qualified sales meetings - timely and within our targets. Their reporting capabilities are outstanding as is their customer service. They never let us down and are always eager to help in any way possible. They think outside the box and make suggestions to help us attain our goals. We're extremely pleased to have them work with our team."

Director of Marketing Communications, DataCore Software Corp.



"I am one of those people who never gives top marks consistently across a review, but I feel it is well-deserved here. Working with our Account Manager and getting the feedback from our sales people has been a wonderful experience. We really appreciate the quality and quantity of leads we have received to date."

Product Marketing Manager, Cisco Systems, Inc.



"In under 4 months, AimVox's appointment setting services were able to assist us in reaching our goal of a $20MM funnel. The inside sales reps are a great resource. They picked up on all the details as we had a fairly complex target. Our program has overwhelming support across our company. We examined several marketing firms prior to allocating this budget, and found that AimVox works."

Vice President of Marketing, Sanrise Inc.



"AimVox allows us to conduct more focused efforts, compared to using a sales force and tools geared towards addressing large opportunities across many market segments and customers. Our reps have strong capabilities, but without a steady flow of leads its becomes very easy to miss our quotas. Using AimVox for consistent sales leads that meet our requirements each day has more than tripled our daily sales leads and meetings generated as well as added several hundred thousand dollars to our closed revenue in the latest quarter. The management is customer-focused and always looking for opportunities to improve the services they offer."

Manager, Product Marketing, HP



"Overall, the sales meetings and leads generated while using AimVox are the best leads that our sales force receives. They schedule the meetings and qualify each prospect which allows us to focus on selling. Some of our best closer's do not like to cold call simply because of the dialing. We tried an auto-dialer but there was still a large portion of time being spend finding the correct person and getting past gatekeepers. AimVox has allowed our reps to double their lead generation and is a great help in fine-tuning some of our internal communications and processes. The weekly reporting is clear and helpful."

Manager, Field and Direct Marketing, VeriSign, Inc.



"We have been very pleased with the results of our AimVox program. Right out of the gate, AimVox was able to relieve us from a significant lead deficit and keep us on track with qualified opportunities for the rest of the year. AimVox helped us extend our internal capabilities while contributing long-term value to the sales pipeline."

Vice President, Marketing, F5 Networks



"This service is in a class all its own — they have set the standard for inside sales innovation! By using AimVox we have been able to meet with the decision-makers and generate many meetings as well as numerous pre-qualified leads. Sprint's Opportunity Development Managers have expressed their gratitude as it has made there days more effective. In other words, the Sprint Sales Reps are ready to go make the close"

Data Marketing Manager, Sprint Business



"AimVox was instrumental in assisting our regional account manager in closing a $2 million deal with Goldman Sachs.  We worked an account provided to us by AimVox and through one meeting alone was able to find an old contact that was now interested in our products and worked with our rep to set up an appointment. The account manager, with the help of AimVox, were able to close a $2 million deal. AimVox is a great resource for our sales team"

Marketing Manager, Business Objects



"Working with AimVox has increased the number of interested prospects we are received. The amount of time spent by my corporate reps in lead generation has decreased, therefore they have more time to close deals. From the beginning, AimVox has demonstrated a very high level of professionalism."

Director of Volume Licensing Sales, OpenText



"AimVox has consistently provided my VADs with many more quality leads and web demos that have in a large percentage of cases resulted in sales. By using the training process AimVox knows everything Mitsubishi has to offer (warranty programs, demos) making it very easy for the VAD salesperson to close the deal. Our entire sales team has a lot of respect for the folks at AimVox."

Manager, Value Added Distributors, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics



"AimVox has helped boost our sales funnel and given us the opportunity to supplement when regular volume is low. Our reps are much more highly motivated and well organized. They can help grow your business."

Manager, Web Hosting Telesales, SBC Communications

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